Golden Mom Partnership Program(GMPP)

Golden Mom Partnership Program

As long as you have anyone around you interested in surrogacy, contact We will create a unique link for you and coach you how to recruit surrogate candidates. We are never short of Intended Parents. We always have so many Intended Parents waiting to start their families right now. We need qualified surrogates to match with them!

How Our GMPP Works

  • Connect with women about how great to become a surrogate!
  • Your referred candidate submits their contact information through your unique link, so we identify the girls are referred from you.
  • Your referred candidate goes through the screening process.
  • Your referred candidate is matched with intended parents (you receive 20% of your referral bonus).
  • Your referred candidate is medically and legally cleared (you receive 20% of your referral bonus).
  • Embryo transfer to your referred candidate (you receive 60% of your referral bonus).
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GMPP Details

If you refer a qualified surrogate candidate to OneWorld Generations, you will receive following bonus:

The more referrals, the more you can earn.NO CAP!

The more referrals, the more you can earn.
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GMPP Is All This?

No. GMPP contains more components which generate passive income for you.Please refer to video for details.

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Requirements To Become A Surrogate

  • US Citizen between the ages of 21 to 39
  • Should have no more than 2 deliveries via caesarian sections
  • Does not smoke, abuse alcohol or prescription medications, or use illicit drugs
  • Should not be receiving welfare, public housing, or cash assistance from the government
  • Have carried at least one child of their own to term without complication
  • Less than 6 pregnancies
  • Should have a stable home life with emotional and childcare support
  • Should have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no more than 32
  • No mental health conditions requiring the use of medications within the last 6 months
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A surrogate should be honest and transparent about everything. Timely responsiveness is key to ensure whole communication is smooth and efficient.

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